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More abstract that my other work, though still grounded in the very real affection and devastation of the everyday: human body, relationships, sex, death, birth, and destruction. Click image for full view and slideshow.

Self Portrait: Left Palm
Self Portrait: Right Palm
Winter Solstice 1
Winter Solstice 2
Day and Night
Butter and Jelly
Gulf Oil Spill
Fire Fire
Bases Loaded
Heart in a Cup
1 Heart, 2 Heads
untitled (face on wax)
Man Dies 2
Downtown Brooklyn (red/black/gold)
The Consequence of Becoming Attached (Social Psych)
Goals Served by Aggressive Behavior (Social Psych)
Lazy Oppression (Social Psych)
Dancefloor Washout
Chakra: Crown
Chakra: Brow
Chakra: Throat
Chakra Heart
Chakra: Navel
Chakra: Sacral
Chakra: Root
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