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I co-founded Griot Apparel with friend and fellow 'cuse alum Kevin Selhi in 2006. We made fly and comfortable clothing for intelligent, creative and curious people, blending biography and portraiture, history and art. Our t-shirts spark conversations and relay stories  worth sharing by prompting that common question, "who's that on your t-shirt?" We celebrate a wide array of historic figures such as Nina Simone, Walt Whitman, Fela Kuti, Frida Kahlo, and Pedro Albizu Campos. We've collaborated with top DJs in New York City, charities in Los Angeles, and acclaimed TV shows in Hollywood. Every shirt is screen printed in-house with non-toxic inks on high-quality cotton t-shirts for both men and women.

Thank you to everyone who supported Griot Apparel though the years!

Although the company has been retired and inactive for years, a couple stray designs are still available in my Etsy shop.

Griot Apparel
Griot Apparel on Californication!
Griot Apparel on Californication!
Griot Apparel on Californication!
Griot Apparel
Jean Michel Basquiat (on red)
Nina Simone (on black)
Nina Simone (on green)
Thelonious Monk (on black)
Thelonious Monk (on gray)
Thelonious Monk (white on black)
Thelonious Monk (on green)
Don Pedro Albizu Campos (on blue)
Marian Anderson (on yellow)
Frida Kahlo (on yellow)
Walt Whitman (on blue)
Walt Whitman (on green)
Walt Whitman (on gray)
Barack Obama (on black)
Barack Obama (on blue)
Dick Cheney "God Loves Ugly"
RFK (on white)
RKF (on gray)
Fela Kuti (on black)
Fela Kuti (on brown)
Fela Kuti (on green)
Fela Kuti (on yellow)
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