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My documentation and celebration of the dark, attractive rituals and fun, shady culture of bars and clubs. Sexy, colorful, crowded with tension that's electric, sinister, and seductive. It’s what keeps us coming out every weekend.  Click image for full view and slideshow. If you like these works, then definitely check out more city life and urban clusters.​

Zanzu, Pretoria, South Africa
Santos Party House NYC
Hemisphere, Cape Town
Blue Disco, Cielo, New York
Daytime Drinks on Decatur, New Orlea
The Spotted Cat, New Orleans
Bartender, Apple Barrel, New Orleans
Main Room, Crobar, New York
Main Room, Crobar, Chicago
DJ Booth, Vanguard, Los Angeles
Funky Buddha Lounge, Chicago
The Yard, Gowanus, Brooklyn
The Bank, Las Vegas
Drummers at Bembe, Brooklyn
Red Sky, Philadelphia
Zinc Bar, Houston Street NYC
Chiara at the Keys
Disco Ball, Santos Party House
July Sax
Jam Band
Debonair Social Club (1), Chicago
Debonair Social Club (2), Chicago
Margie Perez at The Spotted Cat
Hemisphere, Cape Town (on tape)
Generic Nightclub
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