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Here you'll find several styles of portraits I've done from the beginning  through the present. An incomplete sampling of musicians, artists, cultural leaders, and others I admire. Click image for full view and slideshow. See more in my illustration portfolio.




Tony Allen
Young Picasso
Keith Haring
Vincent Van Gogh
E Badu
Cornel West
Walt Whitman
Yusef Lateef
RFK (take 2)
Nina Simone (on wax, take 2)
Q-Tip (Rappers of 1990)
Vanilla Ice (Rappers of 1990)
Ice Cube (Rappers of 1990)
MC Lyte (Rappers of 1990)
L.L. Cool J (Rappers of 1990)
White Cool J w/ Cassette
Head of Fela Kuti (2)
Head of Fela (on wax)
Pedro Albizu Campos (on wax)
Frida Kahlo
Obama (on wax, 1)
Obama (red & blue)
That's Enough, Dick Cheney
Gordon Parks
Fela Kuti & Queens
Mos Def
Fiona Apple
Thelonious Monk
T Monk (on wax, 2)
T Monk (on wax, 1)
Freddie Mercury (1)
Freddie Mercury (on tapes)
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