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"Second Student-Led Community Mural Graces Campus" BC Brief, Feb 14, 2024


"Beautifying WEB's Walls: BC's Latest Mural Project" The Brooklyn College Vanguard, Jan 23, 2023

"New Mural Builds Connection While Beautifying Campus" BC Brief, Dec 19, 2022


"New York Philharmonic Kicks Off Bandwagon 2 This Week" Broadway World, May 8, 2021

"Get Ready for New York Philharmonic Bandwagon 2!" Gotham To Go, May 4, 2021


"Mural Project celebrates Coney Island’s rich history" Brooklyn Eagle, Oct 6, 2020

"Colorful murals brighten up barren Coney Island" Brooklyn Paper, Oct 2, 2020

"Artists shed light, color on Coney Island businesses" News 12 Brooklyn, Oct 1, 2020

"Coney Island spruces up even as most of amusements closed till next spring" AM NY, Oct 1, 2020

"Muralists Beautify Storefront Gates in Coney Island" Alliance for Coney Island Press Release, Sept 28, 2020

"Downtown Reading turns into an open air art gallery with murals adorning bus stops and parking garages" Reading Eagle, Aug 18, 2020

"Photo Gallery, Photo Gallery, Murals Dedicated in Downtown Reading" Reading Eagle, Aug 18, 2020

"Outdoor Art Galleries Dedicated in Downtown Reading" Berks Weekly, Aug 18, 2020
"Artists Selected for Downtown Bus Shelter Project" Berks Weekly, Aug 3, 2020

"Berks Arts Council Selects Artists for Two Downtown Reading Initiatives" Reading Eagle, Aug 2, 2020

"20華生攜手 校園創作「仁慈樹」大型壁畫", Feb 15, 2020



"Ribbon Cut on New Mental Health-Themed Mural Outside Sunset Park's PS 24" Brooklyn Reporter, Nov 5, 2019

"22 New Outdoor Art Installations Not to Miss this June 2019", June 1, 2019

"Over 100 People Collaborate on Mental Health Mural Outside Sunset Park School" Brooklyn Reporter, May 21, 2019

"Mural to be Painted Outside Sunset Park School to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Services" Brooklyn Reporter, May 1, 2019

"Health Department Announces Designs of Two New Mental Health Murals as Part of the NYC Mural Arts Project”, April 29, 2019



“Centrefuge Public Art Project, Cycle 21: Kwue Molly with the Ology Collective — Col, 2ease & Ski –, Julia Cocuzza, J Mike Kuhn, Ogie and Damien Miksza” Street Arts NYC (, Sept 14, 2016


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