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A little more traditional than my other urban scenes, several styles depicting city life all over the world. Click image for full view and slideshow. If you like these, definitely check out the urban clusters and nightlife galleries.  

Buda Castle & Chain Bridge, Budapest
Rooftops, Reading PA
Blue Manhattan
Manhattan Cityscape (Springtime)
Under Manhattan Bridge (from Bklyn)
Williamsburg Bridge (from Bklyn)
Times Square Cabs
San Sebastian Festival, Old San Juan
Los Balcones, Old San Juan
Erick at Los Balcones, Old San Juan
Don Pablo, Old San Juan
San Sebastian Lights, Old San Juan
110 San Sebastian (Old San Juan)
St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans
Reading PA/Jo'burg Gold
Reading PA (black + blue)
Reading PA (cassette snow)
Reading Rooftops, Cassette Memory
New York Blues
Urban Rotation
Williamsburg Bridge (on wax)
Jo'burg Skyline Reflection (on wax)
Johannesburg Skyline (on wax)
St. Louis Cathedral (on wax)
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