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Recent oil and acrylic paintings, remixing cassette tapes, turntables, mixers, boomboxes, and assorted musical instruments. Click image for full view and slideshow. For more artwork on obsolete media, check out the records, cassettes + obsolescence galleries.

Memorex 1 Remix
Memorex 2 Remix
JVC El Diablo Remix
Panasonic Boombox Remix
SL 1200 1 Remix
SL 1200 2 Remix
SL 1200 3 Remix
Tascam Mixer Remix
Casio PT82 Remix
Memorex 1 (sq)
Memorex 2 (sq)
JVC El Diablo (sq)
Panasonic (sq)
SL 1200s 1 (sq)
SL 1200s 2 (sq)
SL 1200s 3 (sq)
Tascam Mixer (sq)
Casio PT82 (sq)
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